Happy New Year!

This pic was taken New Years Eve the night before I started Bright Line Eating January 1, 2016.

I was at a Casino in Palm Spring partaking in an all you can eat buffet and endless champagne binge. I was excited to start Bright Line Eating, but nervous. I had a lot of doubts....would this be yet ONE MORE failed attempt at dropping a few pounds? Could I really give up sugar and flour? I am so happy and grateful that I look the leap. BLE is not another weight loss program. Yes, there are bright lines I don't cross: no sugar, no flour, 3 meals a day (no snacks), and when I am home I will weigh and measure to make sure I am getting enough food. But there is so much more....the community of loving and supportive folks doing this with me has made a huge difference. Many of them started a few months earlier than me and are already at goal. They have all switched to the maintenance eating program and look amazing. Everyone's goal weight is personal, but most weigh what they did in high school. As I write this, I have 14 more pounds til goal.

After a few weeks, I had the food pretty much down. After a month or so, it was so automatic...cravings were gone, I had a lot more energy. And I was able to start working other aspects of the program. Besides getting and giving support on the FB pages, I am doing a lot of guided inner work, meditation, and belong to a BLE mastermind group that meets over the phone once a week.

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