Thumbs up from my doctor!

I went to my doctor this week, first time since starting Bright Line Eating. I have lost 55 lbs since my last visit. My doctor was so excited and impressed and asked what I was doing. She asked if I had increased my answer was no. It has all been about the food, my daily practices and the support that I continually receive from BLE. If you notice in the "treatment plan" area....there is no treatment plan, because I have nothing to treat! I am off all medications now. The best part about my visit was watching my doctor change my weight category from "obese" to "normal".....YAY, that was awesome. Once I get my blood work back I know there will be some pretty significant changes there too. These results are happening with so many BLE folks....many had even more weight to lose and have some pretty big medical issues that dropping the weight have reversed. Pretty cool.

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