What a difference a year makes!

What a difference a year makes! Last year I celebrated new years eve in a casino gorging at the buffet. I was wearing a size 16 pants and an XL top, I was obese and not happy. I started the January 2016 boot camp, and since then I have not consumed sugar or flour ....and now happily wear a size 6.

For 6 months I maintained my weight within a lb or two....which over the 20+ years of dieting, I have never been able to do.

It hasn't all been smooth sailing though. I had a lot of inconsistency with my housing since May. My husband and I lived in our RV for a month, then a one bed cottage, than our rental house before we moved to southern CA this past Nov. I was without a kitchen and without my scales for about a month. (note to self....NEVER pack up my scales!) There was a lot more eating out and eyeballing everything, thus I did gain a couple of pounds back.

I am back on the weight loss plan and the weight is already starting to release. I am thinking that I would like to change my goal to be a size 4. I am going to do the Jan boot camp to stay accountable and get the support to knock off my last few pounds.

2017 is going to ROCK...happy thin and FREE!

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