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Here's a recent pic of me holding one of our little foster dogs, Bandit. One of my neighbors adopted him, which made me so happy as I get to visit him all the sweet! Still zipping along with's a lifestyle, not a diet. It has been a little challenging for me these past 3 months since I have been traveling in my RV through Oregon and Washington. I brought my scales, but did a lot of "eyeballing" as well. The last month of my trip, my bathroom scale died, as it needed to be charged and I forgot to bring the charger. It was sort of freeing to not weigh myself everyday....but it did make me a little nervous too. Happy to report that I was only up 4 lbs after 3 months on the road...whew! I'm back on the weightloss plan to knock on the last few pounds. One of my favorite dishes these days is cauliflower "rice". I take a frozen 10 oz package, nuke it for 6 min, pour into a bowl and add 4 oz of chicken, or 2 oz of grated cheese, and 2 oz of guacamole....mix it all together. I love this for lunch or dinner. I like to split my veggies up a bit more....instead of 6 oz for lunch and 14 oz for dinner....I do 10 oz for lunch and 10 oz for dinner. The cauliflower rice bags are perfect....give it a try and let me know what you think. You can be creative and add beans or olives, or feta. YUM!

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